LP Thuad - Everyone should be protected.

This website is created with the aim to provide a convenient platform to request for Legendary LP Thuad amulet.

LP Thuad amulet is believed to hold great protective powers granting safety in times of distress, especially saving the lives of believers from seemingly fatal automobile accidents.

Embracing the high cost of living in this competitive society, it's inevitable for one to ride bike for those whom can’t afford car.

However, after losing 3 friends to fatal motorbike accidents, I decided that everybody whom are constantly facing dangers should receive protection by LP Thuad.

With this mission in mind, I will be doing my utmost effort in obtaining LP Thuad amulets for your love ones in need. A proper site with request function will be developed in due course. During the interim period, please email request to request@lpthuad.com.

Some conditions to adhere:

  1. Please do not fall into greed, someone up there will know.
  2. As long I am convinced that the recipients are potentially facing danger i.e., riding bike, working in high-risk environment etc., I am willing to give.
  3. I don't mind if you are requesting on behalf for family or extended family members.
  4. Please pass the chance to someone who really need them.
  5. Collectors: Please stay away from here.
About Me: A normal Singaporean with strong belief in Buddhist teachings and karma.